use conventional applications in the cloud



what exactly does it mean

  • Hosting of conventional and web applications
  • Modern end user experience
  • Available through your web browser or app
  • Interforce advises and helps to build the optimal server environment for your application
  • Scalable for future growth

Cloud Application is the ideal solution for virtual application delivery. This allows you to publish your own applications via one or more (web) servers to the cloud. Depending on the chosen technology, users can use your application on any device and at any location.

Cloud Application is very suitable for making traditional server / client software packages available online. Larger and modern web-oriented applications can be deployed with a cluster variant to share resources and increase availability.

We do this as follows

1. Migrate application

The first step is to set up your application on our cloud platform. No changes are made yet. After this migration you have achieved the following:

- High accessibility and continuity
- First performance gain

2. Optimize

In the second step, we make adjustments to the application and server structure, with the aim of improving accessibility and performance.

3. Keep current

The last step is an ongoing step, in which we continue to monitor your environment, we advise you if there are new or better techniques and we will help you with all future requests about your cloud application infrastructure.


For a fully catered IT environment



The fully equipped online ICT infrastructure (private cloud) on a subscription base



Your modern workspace, with access to all your documents, applications and systems



A fully managed telephony environment in the Cloud, which saves costs and creates more freedom



High performance hosting, suitable for application and software developers

We are transparent in the storage of information


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