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Interforce has a hypermodern server park which is spread over 3 physically separated locations on Dutch territory. Your private cloud or service is always present at all locations with us. One location active and one full copy standby. Always up to date through a live replication. In addition to this replication, we have a full solution backup that stores your entire servers and data for the agreed period.

Interforce is a RIPE partner, so that we can provide our connections with a BGP connection to ensure access to the server rooms with the highest possible up-time. Read more about some highlighted technical solutions below.


The full flash cloud storage has a unique self-learning cache. Your cloud environment is optimized every night based on your use (personal use is monitored and optimized). Cloud storage dissects all your data into blocks, so every document, project or database consists of many blocks.

Regularly opened blocks, so parts of your database, for example, are then automatically moved to a fast cache. This gives a unique speed boost for your daily work. In addition to this automatic distribution, your data will also be collected and simultaneously written to multiple disks to also improve the writing speed.


Your Cloud environment is available at three physical locations in the Netherlands. All your data is replicated live to a secondary location of your cloud environment, so you are not dependent on 1 location. This solution therefore goes much further than just a backup outside the door.

The cloud storage dissects all your data into blocks, so every document, project or database consists of many blocks. Only the new blocks are transferred via the two redundant dark fibers to the secondary locations. If a block is deleted, a delete mark will be sent, so there is also a certain amount of time retention at the secondary location.

The advantage is ultimately a huge boost in operational reliability, as your cloud environment can be made available from 2 physical locations.


Once a day, a full back-up of your environment is made, not only the data, but the entire server environment of your own private cloud. Cloud storage dissects all your data into blocks, every document, project or database consists of blocks. The backup therefore only needs to transfer the new blocks to the offsite backup environment. Before the blocks are transferred to the backup location, they are de-duplicated, this means duplicate blocks are removed and can be saved with a reference via 1 block. This enables us to securely back up your entire cloud in a short time.


All locations of the data centers are equipped with a private fiber which distributes the packets with each other with a BGP protocol. The traffic finds its own way in and, in the event of a connection or hardware failure, will choose a different route to your private cloud. For outgoing traffic we calculate the fastest route to the destination and the data is automatically checked and sent as efficiently and quickly as possible.


All Interforce cloud services are equipped with this DDOS protection, but how does this work?
Our core routers are equipped with an intelligent monitor that keeps an eye on all traffic. When a lot of traffic goes to a certain server, it will be checked whether this is a DDOS attack. If so, our IP addresses are redirected to a car wash which ensures that all DDOS packets are filtered out and only return the clean traffic to your cloud environment. Because of this you are simply online!


All Interforce cloud services are protected with the unique time machine function. This function ensures that every service, from server to file, can be restored to a chosen moment in the last 24 hours. The server will reboot and within minutes you will have a working environment again!

What is the difference with replication and backup? A replication is a live mirror, which also mirrors possible errors and a backup often only runs once a night.


The Cloud Workplace Interforce's service is a private cloud solution, which means that it is not a shared cloud like Google has. You get a network separation, a server separation and even your own domain!
With this we keep your company data extra safe!

We are transparent in the storage of information


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