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Why is Cloud Telephony more than a telephone system

  • No costs per user, but per call channel
  • All functions at no extra cost
  • Full management and support included (including changes in calling schedule)
  • Hosting in-house, part of your private cloud solution
  • Fully integrable with your applications
  • Can also be used via the web browser without local installation

The need for efficiency requires a flexible telephony solution. Cloud Telephony is our complete communication solution. No more large investments, but scalable and moving with the changes within and outside the organization. Cloud Telephony is the future-proof telephone exchange. All conceivable possibilities from the cloud for a fixed rate per month, without unexpected costs afterwards.

With Cloud Telephony you communicate via the cloud. With any device you want: fixed, mobile or with your tablet or computer. Leave the management to Interforce or adjust something yourself in the clear webadmin if you like.



The Smartphone app makes it possible to operate the functions of your telephone exchange in an intuitive way. This way you always have control over your accessibility. Whether you are at home, at the office, on the road or at a customer.

Recording, transferring, looking up contacts: you always have it at hand. Just like your call history, so you can easily set up a new call.

The Smartphone app also offers control over a number of mobility options. This way you can be reached at all times via a single number, if necessary!


Cloud Telephony is extremely flexible and grows or shrinks with your company. Easily adjust the number of users and therefore never under- or over-capacity again. Plus the option to quickly upgrade to another channel package.


Cloud Telephony is easy to integrate with, for example, customer card systems. This way you immediately have the customer's details at hand when they call. You can also see at a glance whether colleagues are available and you can call from your computer. Looking up a number and then entering it is a thing of the past!


One point of contact and one invoice for all your telephone services. And no more operational concerns. Unlike traditional telephone exchanges, the cloud never ages. And you are therefore always provided with the latest functionalities.


Whether your company has 2 or 50 employees: you always want to be accessible for customers. It doesn't matter whether you call from a landline or via your tablet: You can use any device. With your smartphone, you can also easily change the settings and determine your accessibility, or easily transfer a caller. Cloud Telephony is the new future-proof communication solution to replace your current telephone exchange. Cheap, transparent and reliable.


For Cloud Telephony you pay a fixed amount per channel, per month. The amount does not depend on the number of users and / or devices. All functions are included in the monthly fee as standard. Transparent and no more unexpected bills.


Fixed-mobile integration (VAMO) integrates a mobile device with the (hosted) telephone exchange. This makes your mobile device a fully-fledged part of the telephone exchange. You can be reached on a single (landline) telephone number, fixed and mobile, and you make calls via one (landline) number.

Integrating your mobile into the hosted telephone exchange offers unique possibilities.


+ Your availability of your mobile phone is always visible to colleagues
+ You can also make and receive calls on your mobile extension (abbreviated number)
+ One fixed-mobile voicemail
+ Both a mobile and a landline? Then both devices will ring for incoming calls
+ Replace your landline phone for your mobile, so you only have 1 device

Available on the KPN and on the T-Mobile network


The desktop app turns your Cloud Telephony exchange into a total communication solution. The app is made for your smartphone, tablet, PC or MAC. You can see the availability of colleagues, you can make (video) calls, chat and hold conference calls. With the app you combine the best of both worlds: your existing telephone numbers and the many possibilities of the internet.


+ Calling, chatting and video calling
+ Via a landline, desktop app, web browser, mobile vamo or mobile app
+ Outgoing traffic via internet or mobile network
+ Mobile traffic with T-mobile or KPN


Cloud Telephony contains a powerful central function that adapts to the way you want to view and manage your calls. This way you visualize incoming calls, availability of colleagues and queues.


+ Drag and drop calls for a quick transfer
+ Receptionist display for easy management of incoming calls
+ Listening in or breaking into conversations of colleagues
+ Call recording and easy search and playback

Web meeting

Organize face to face meetings with the click of a button! How? By using WebRTC. WebMeeting is a web conferencing solution that is easy to use and can radically change the way you collaborate and communicate with colleagues and customers. Save time and money by hosting meetings online.


+ Schedule a video meeting on the spot
+ No client required, just a browser using WebRTC
+ Conferencing at the click of a button
+ A WebRTC link for each individual user
+ Launch meetings over the internet, from Cloud Telephony or even Outlook
+ Up to 25 external participants available for free


For a fully catered IT environment



The fully equipped online ICT infrastructure (private cloud) on a subscription base



Your modern workspace, with access to all your documents, applications and systems



A fully managed telephony environment in the Cloud, which saves costs and creates more freedom



High performance hosting, suitable for application and software developers

We are transparent in the storage of information


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