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A new way to work

Interforce offers you a modern and browser-based environment to quickly access your documents, applications and systems.
Integrated with Microsoft 365: all your email, SharePoint data, OneDrive documents and web applications are easily accessible via a web page. This way you can access important things on any type of device and anywhere in the world.
Cloud Workspace can also work with older, conventional software and applications. These applications can be delivered via a tab in your browser or as an external desktop application.

With the help of the smart Single Sign On technology, remembering passwords for different systems that you use every day is a thing of the past. One-time authentication with Microsoft 365 is sufficient to access the rest of your systems via Cloud Workspace.


Cloud Workspace delivers a completely new browser-based experience. It brings all applications, from Office 365, web applications, documents to Power BI and news feeds into a unified workspace.

Users can add their own applications from the catalog, organize tiles as efficiently as possible and also make this visible on tablet or mobile.

Single Sign on provides all secure authentication. So you just have to click and it works, without annoying password messages.


A simple place to browse all the files you have access to.

Bring OneDrive, SharePoint and local file servers together in one place and let your employees easily determine the rights and rules for access themselves or do this under supervision.

Open any document in the Microsoft Office Web application, even for documents stored outside of Office 365.

Share your files with colleagues or with customers or suppliers with a user-friendly sharing system.


Cloud Workspace brings your conventional Windows desktop applications directly to your browser. You no longer notice a difference between modern software and your desktop applications, which may prevent you from moving to the Cloud.

No worries about logging in or working in 2 different systems, servers or desktops.

Ideal for companies that still need a specific application for their business process, but want to work in a modern way.

Interforce specializes in hosting these solutions and making this new way of working available


The fastest way to bring together everything you need, every day.

Besides simplifying access to all your applications, you can also bring important information together from different systems, such as Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, Power BI, SharePoint ...

Discover all the ways Cloud Workspace could help your company and employees.


Cloud Workspace offers full support, no grey areas. Our fast and decisive support staff are ready for you.

+ Manage infrastructure
+ Manage Workspace environment
+ User support
+ Management and support local workplace
+ Advice and guidance
+ Breakdown service outside office hours


monitor, predict and block

+ Anti virus and anti spyware cartridges
+ Behavior analysis detection
+ Secure access to data
+ Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
+ Data encryption
+ Location based publishing of apps
+ ISO27001 and NEN7510 certified


For a fully catered IT environment



The fully equipped online ICT infrastructure (private cloud) on a subscription base



Your modern workspace, with access to all your documents, applications and systems



A fully managed telephony environment in the Cloud, which saves costs and creates more freedom



High performance hosting, suitable for application and software developers

We are transparent in the storage of information


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