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With our modern products, competitive prices and high quality, we relieve your IT issues. Interforce understands that ICT must be at the service of your business operations and company and therefore makes the handling transparent and transparent.

We offer smart optimized online services and the best private cloud solutions. With our complete package of services, we ensure that you are not dependent on different IT suppliers.

Interforce immerses itself in your company and has an eye for details. We are there for you with the personal service and great involvement of a smaller company. But with the strength of a professional, mature and modern company.



Interforce steers in completely unburdening our customers in the IT field. No matter how large or small the company or organization is, we arrange the most suitable IT solutions. So that you can fully concentrate on your core business and no longer have to worry about IT-related matters. We ensure that the solution is always up to date, available and safe.

We work in our own unique way, because the IT landscape changes quickly. So fast, that Interforce does not believe in the purchase of server hardware, a generic cloud solution, or in a data center where an organization manages its own environment. We believe in offering complete cloud solutions that are oriented to the needs of the company. This cloud solution is completely unburdened and then grows with the needs of your company at that time.


We foresee that server and desktop services will increasingly become a thing of the past. The future lies in multi-platform and cloud-oriented applications. The biggest advantage as a customer? Flexibility. Every employee can do his job from any location with any device. All you need is an internet connection and a browser.

Our services are already prepared for this future. Whether you purchase our full workplace service for your employees in the office or only the necessary mobile applications for people in the field. Interforce offers the flexibility to coordinate this per service, employee or application. In this way, our customers are already prepared for the future.

- Robert Kuijf and Mark Brand


Cloud solutions can come from anywhere these days. The Interforce services are delivered from 3 data centers, specially designed and maintained to offer the highest performance and quality.



Interforce is located in a green location in Hazerswoude-Dorp. Centrally located in the Randstad, easily accessible and equipped with a large number of private parking spaces. Our office is modern and attractively furnished to create a good working atmosphere in which our colleagues feel comfortable, allowing us to perform optimally.


From customer relationship to common business success

Our highly responsible account managers and IT advisors are involved from the first contact, provide advice and make progress in the customer relationship. Our goal is to enter into a relationship for a longer term in which our customers are provided with professional services and process improvement.

Interforce thinks along with your company and is happy to build a jointly successful future. We stand for advice as a partner and not as a supplier. Personal contact is important to us.

Curious about what our account managers and IT advisors can do for you?
Take contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

+ Operate as a partner in all IT issues
+ Advise on technical solutions
+ Think pro actively
+ Give personal advice
+ Always keep your cloud solution up to date
+ Are a permanent point of contact

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